Spring arrives this month and as the snow melts and the sun shines, it is a perfect time of the year for hunting for deer antler sheds. We asked our listeners to send us photos of what they are finding in the woods or their backyards and we got some beauties!

WNY's Best Deer Sheds Of 2022

Typically, the male deer lose their antlers at the end of winter. But for whatever reason, some of the bucks that I have been seeing have not shed them yet. We are over halfway through March and soon, the bucks will be growing their new racks for this year. The testosterone levels start to increase and the bone starts to grow on their heads.

There are some hunters/shed hunters who seem to find the antlers from the same deer year after year. It is really neat to see how much they compare or have grown from year to year. Those who are serious about getting big bucks during hunting season understand that if you allow them to, bucks will mature and grow much larger racks the older that they get. Shed hunting and finding matching racks year to year helps to prove that point.

I love to hunt and I have also tried to shed hunt. It seems I have found more sheds when I am not trying to find them than when I actively search for them.

If you are someone who likes to hike or walk your dog in an area with lots of deer, keep an eye out for these treasures over the next few weeks. If you get to them before the mice find them and start chewing on them, you'll have a neat price of nature to have a souvenir!

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