One of the biggest off season questions for the Buffalo Bills has been answered today as they named their new Defensive Coordinator.

At the end of the 2022-2023 season, many fans were surprised to hear that Buffalo Bills Defensive Coordinator Leslie Frasier would not be returning for the 2023-2024 season.  He was taking a step back from football.  So, head coach Sean McDermott decided that he would be calling his own plays and adding the role of Defensive Coordinator to his duties.  It's something that most would argue he did pretty well with.  His defense was nearly completely decimated by the end of the year and not only was he sticking it out with some of the toughest teams in the league, but he was holding on to beat them.

This year, those duties will not be his.

The Buffalo Bills are naming a defensive coordinator from within the organization

The Bills have decided to promote current linebackers coach Bobby Babich to the role of defensive coordinator.

Babich has impressed at every level

Babich began his career with the Bills in 2017 as the defensive backs coach then moved to the safeties coach in 2018.  He worked to make both Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer one of the stingiest safety tandems in the NFL.

Then just last year, he was moved to linebackers coach and made another huge leap.  Linebackers were one of the biggest concerns at the beginning of the season after losing Tremaine Edmunds to Chicago in free agency.  Many were wondering if Terrel Bernard would be able to fill the role heading into the season and especially after the injury to Matt Milano.  Not only did he fill it, he was a standout and many credit Babich for part of his development.

There was no word as to whether Babich would be calling the plays or if McDermott will retain that duty.

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