It closed last summer and now demolition crews are tearing down the former Holiday Showcase Restaurant.  It has stood at the site of the former Aero Drive-In on Union Road since the mid 1970's and I think it would be difficult to find someone who has never eaten there.

Holiday Showcase Restaurant (Google Maps)
Holiday Showcase Restaurant (Google Maps)

For many in my generation it was pretty much standard procedure to enjoy a movie at the Holiday Showcase Theatres, then have a sandwich or a snack at the Holiday Showcase Restaurant.  Of all the meals I ever had at the Holiday Showcase there was one thing that always popped into my mind.  They had a killer strawberry shortcake that was hard to resist.

The restaurant was heavily damaged and several nearby homes destroyed by a tornado in 1987.  A number of customers and employees escaped injury when they fled into the basement of the restaurant as its roof was torn off.  It was more than a year before repairs could be completed.

After the Aero Drive-In was closed in 1971 the Holiday One and Two Theatres were built in its place.  It's where I saw so many '70's era classics like Star Wars, The Godfather, E-T, Jaws, The Excorcist, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.  It's a long list.

And a place to eat before or after a movie was a natural fit and that's why the Holiday Showcase Restaurant emerged.  Thanks for the memories and all that great strawberry shortcake.

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