It's easy to forget to lock your vehicle when you walk away from it.  But police in Depew are saying that could be a big mistake these days.

If you've ever had anything stolen from your car, you know how awful it feels.  It really does make you feel violated. But many of us don't realize how easy we make it for thieves to quickly grab the things we have in plain view.

Police in Depew are warning people not to leave their vehicles unlocked when they aren't in them after they've seen an uptick in larcenies there. According to WIVB, they've received over 30 reports of property stolen out of parked cars since December 1, 2020.

The crazy part about it is that many of those vehicles simply weren't locked.  All the thieves had to do was open the car door, grab, and go.

I've had my car broken into three times in my life.  Once it was in Springville while I was working. I did not have my car locked that day and someone took hundreds of dollars worth of CDs from my front seat.

The other two times I did have my car locked.  They broke the window both times.  The first time, again, they took my CDs.  There were probably thousands of dollars of CDs there.  I was coming from a job that I had DJed and had no other option but to leave my bag in my car.  I should have left it out of view and locked it in the trunk though.

The second time I had my window broken I had gift cards and a couple of bucks in the cupholder.  They never even touched them.  They just grabbed jumper cables from the back.  It's weird what they go for.  But in both cases, I made the mistake of leaving things out in the open for thieves to see.

They do ask, that if you have any information about stolen property or you’re a victim of theft, call the Depew Dispatch Center at (716) 683-1123.

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