Hats off to the Buffalo Bills and the Pegulas for a nice tribute to Officer Craig Lehner yesterday at the Bills game. It's been two weeks since Lehner passed away in a tragic accident during a routine diving training, but many have questions about what happened.

There will be no dives in the Niagara River for the rest of the year as two different investigations are underway with the Buffalo homicide detectives and one by the state Labor Department. According to the Buffalo News, here's some details thus far:

  • A preliminary autopsy indicated Lehner, 34, died as the result of drowning, police officials told The Buffalo News. Water was found in his lungs.
  • There was a gash on his forehead and trauma to his head, police said.
  • Lehner's air tanks, which were on him when his body was found, were more than half full.
  • Several inches of a tender line were connected to a harness ring on Lehner's suit. The end of the line was frayed, and did not appear to have been cleanly cut.

Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with his family and friends right now as hopefully, they can begin to have their questions answered and have some closure.

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