We all know that Western New York is a beautiful place to live and now people across the country will find out too.

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According to Country Living.com, Devil's Hole State Park in Niagara Falls was named the best hiking trail in New York State and one of the best in the country. Devil's Hole got high praise from the website's reviewer.

It's more likely that you've been to Niagara Falls for the main event: the three waterfalls that sit along the border between New York and Canada. But for a new experience, head to Devil’s Hole State Park. There, you’ll get to see powerful whitewater rapids and walk by awe-inspiring overlooks.

I had a chance to hike the trail several times last year and even found out the reason it is called Devil's Hole.

Check out some photos of my family's hike down to Devil's Hole.


Devil's Hole State Park


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