We are all asked to wear a mask in public and it looks like it is becoming a fashion statement.

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Lady Gaga is known for her interesting outfits and fashion at awards shows and at her performances. But the mask she wore at this past weekend's VMA has people talking and the internet buzzing.

Twitter went nuts with comments after Gaga gave her acceptance speech wearing a mask that appears to have tusks. Much like an elephant or some sort of prehistoric animal would have, they protruded from her lower jaw outward.

I have been trying to get our boys to wear masks and perhaps we have been doing it all wrong? Our boring cloth style masks may not be what the boys actually will wear. Perhaps we need to start thinking and being more creative? I have seen favorite sports teams, political statements and even an occasional superhero mask. But the style that Lady Gaga wore on Sunday could be the answer parents have been looking for.

As the fall begins and we head back to school, we are all anxious about what may happen as the flu season comes back around. If it takes a mask that is a little scary to help keep us healthy, then I guess it is time to do some shopping!

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