As the COVID-19 pandemic rolls into its second year in the United States, there have been many creative ways to help keep people safe and keep the virus from spreading. That is certainly the case at one drive-thru in Cheektowaga.

The COVID vaccine is being distributed and while we wait for the general population to receive it, guidelines are still in place. From wearing a mask to washing our hands, we have all become used to a routine. I have to admit, it has been nice not having every germ come home with us. The kids, knock on wood, have been feeling great to this point! I can imagine a world in which we wear masks even after the vaccine is administered.

I must be the last person to try Chik-Fil-A. But I just can't seem to be in the area when the line at the drive-thru is not crazy. Normally when I travel around town, I have our boys in the truck who are not always patient so waiting for food is not ideal. However, the kids would get a kick out of these bubble uniforms!

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