Man, this will give you the chills and even made some people on social media cry a little bit. We are a football team, we know this.

But, it's just different.

The vibe is different. The team is different. The PLAYERS are different. 

It seems like we have a bunch of players, more than in recent memory, that have made Western New York there home. It's almost like they have lived here forever. They have become ambassadors for the City of Buffalo and everything in it.

Dion Dawkins is one of those guys.

To a tee.

In his second annual "letter" to the Bills Mafia, he lists out 9 things that he wants to say to you. To us. To The City of Buffalo.

The read is fun, emotional and real and you have to read it before Saturday's game against the Colts.

Mafia, we told them!! We told them this bandwagon wasn’t open for business. We told them this THING we’ve been building, it’s more than just a team, it’s more than just some roster of guys.... it’s a movement. We told them — we told them — it wasn’t going to be these same old, same deal as always, your mama’s and your daddy’s Buffalo Bills", Dion goes on during his letter on the The Players Tribune.

In his other things he wants to "get off his chest" include, a story about his rookie year, Stefon Diggs and you, a member of the Bills Mafia.

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