I absolutely love living in Western New York. There is no region quite like it and as we know, Buffalonians are some of the nicest people you'll find in the world.

The food is amazing and we enjoy all four seasons. Summers are beautiful and October weather in Buffalo is unmatched in my book. We're getting closer to that weather, too.

There's always that stereotype of Buffalo though: the snow.

It's a well-known thing around the country that yes, Buffalo does indeed get snow and have winter. We have lake effect snow, which can dump snow quicker and cause worse driving conditions because of white-out conditions.

But I was talking to a friend last week (who does not live here) and he was talking about how the freezing weather is around the corner. He literally thought it snowed here from October through April.

No, believe it or not, it is not freezing in Buffalo during October or November. It's quite beautiful. The crisp 55 degree days with fall foliage and perfect hoodie weather.

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I remember a story someone was telling at a wedding (when I was a kid) and this woman had visited from out of town. She was surprised how nice it was in Buffalo (in June) because she had this stereotype in her mind of it "always" being cold and snowy in Buffalo.

Buffalo is not even in the top 15 for snowiest cities in America. Buffalo won't be confused for one of the sunniest cities in the United States, but we actually average more sunshine than Pittsburgh too.

Yes, it snows here -- but that's typically in December, January, February, and part of March. I would argue May through October weather in Western New York is the best around.

It's mid-September and currently, it's 75 degrees outside.

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