Do you have a favorite place for a Friday fish fry?  I could probably name a dozen places where I know I’ll get a good one.  Fish fries are another one of those unique Western New York traditions.  Most fish fries come with fried fish, French fries, cole slaw, a wedge of lemon and a roll or slice of bread.  But some places give you your choice of breaded, beer battered, broiled or baked fish – usually perch or haddock.  And many places will include a number of sides in addition to the French fries and cole slaw – potato and macaroni salad.  I went to Danny’s restaurant last Friday and I was surprised that in addition to French fries they also offered home fries, mashed, German, boiled, baked or buttered salt potatoes.

 Among some of my favorite fish fry places are McPartlan’s, Polish Villa, Crazy Jake’s, Schwabl’s and the Eldridge Bicycle Club in Tonawanda, open to the public every Friday at a real bargain price.  I’ve always said if you tried a different place for a fish fry every Friday for the rest of your life, you might not be able to cover them all.  Do you have any suggestions?  What's your favorite place for a fish fry?  Let us know.