There’s a good chance that if you work in an office, you’ve experienced this situation. Someone is nice enough to bring in donuts. You’re really looking forward to them too. You got the email that said “donuts in the breakroom, have a great day!” So you head down there…only to find this…

Someone has taken one of the donuts and cut it in half - leaving just a half of a donut there.

Why would someone do this?!? I understand that sometimes donuts are too big to consume all at once. Well, maybe not for me, but for some people I guess this is a thing. That still doesn’t excuse this behavior. Why not take the whole donut and share it with a friend? Maybe ask a friend to just split it ahead of time.

Maybe just don’t take one at all? I mean, if you can’t finish a whole donut, why waste it?

Some people might say that they aren’t wasting it, that they’re saving that other half for someone else to eat. Here’s the problem with that…

Who?!? Who the heck eats a half of a donut that someone else has already taken? Not me. Not only do I not know who took it, I definitely don’t know where the hands were before they touched that donut. It’s useless now.

Are YOU that person? Do you do this at your office? Why? Why are you doing this? Does someone in your office do this? Does it drive you crazy?

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