We get quite a few storms in the Buffalo area.  Some of them stand out in our memories more than others.  Blizzard of '77, The October Storm, and "Snowvember" definitely stand out...

It was a huge storm that was dropped on the WNY community in November of 2014.  They called it "Winter Knife."  It looked like a wall of snow that slowly made its way to the edge of Buffalo, and stayed there for hours dropping more and more snow.  We got over 6 feet of snow in some areas.

I remember trying to make it to work.  I left my house and after about an hour in the car to travel what would normally would have taken me 15 minutes I decided to call in and head home.

I couldn't see past a foot in front of my car.

Ironically, if I could have driven probably another 3 miles, I would have had clear sailing.  It's good that I didn't though.  If I would have, there's no question that I would have been stranded at work for a few days.

The roads were impassable.  There were driving bans for days.

The worst part was that we had just moved into our new house in Eden.  We had been there for about a month before we got buried in.  So most of our stuff was still in boxes...in the garage.  We had to shovel a small tunnel to get things to cook with!

But truthfully...once we got past the major storm...it was kind of nice!

We were snowed in.  We had no responsibilities to be anywhere.  Our family was together.  We were warm.  We had food.  It was nice.  We will never forget it...that's for sure.

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