Soon you will be able to make a firearm right at home.

A new law that will go in to effect on August 1st will make it legal to download blueprints and use a 3D printer to make a gun.

According to Fox News:

The federal government has finally recognized the obvious – that sharing instructions on how to make guns with 3D printers counts as constitutionally protected speech. Despite little fanfare, this is an important victory for First Amendment rights. It also represents a real blow to the increasingly futile cause of gun control.

Other countries such as Spain and Brazil have been either been ahead of or equal to the amount of downloads of blueprints recently. Here in the US it won't be illegal to do so from home.

The USA Today says:

The plans freely available next month put firearms clicks away from anyone with the right machine and materials. That reality has startled gun control advocates, who say it makes untraceable firearms all the more available.


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