Cars can get extremely hot very quick, especially in Summer. If you leave your dog or pet in your car while you are not inside, you could be charged with a felony.

We spoke to one of the local dog control officers who said there was a recent change where the New York State law moved the crime from a misdemeanor or a felony in some cases. Rule of thumb is over 103 degrees there could be charges. Officers have heat guns to check the temperatures in cars.

In some states, any citizen by law is allowed to break a window in order to rescue a pet in a hot car, but in New York State, only police or peace officers are allowed to break others people's cars in order to save a dog, according to the Animal Law.

Confined in motor vehicle in extreme heat or cold without proper ventilation or other protection where confinement places companion animal in imminent danger of death or serious injury due to exposure.


What is the fine if you leave your dog in a hot car in New York State?

Any person who knowingly violates this section is guilty of a violation:

  • 1st offense - fine of not less than $50 not more than $100
  • 2nd offense – fine of not less than $100 not more than $250

Every dog in New York State needs to be registered per state law by a certain time.

  • Every dog needs to be registered by the time the dog is 4 months old.
  • You need to register within your town or village.
  • It is mandatory.

Every dog that it in New York State needs an ID number.

  • All dogs are assigned, as licensed, a municipal identification number and tag.
  • This ID tag must always be affixed to that dog’s collar.
  • Dogs must always be identified when off the owner’s premises.
  • The municipality may exempt this requirement when the dog is participating in a dog show.

There is a New York State law on how it can cost you to register and it all depends if your day is neutered or spayed.

  • The city, town or village sets the price on how much it is to register, but the law from New York requires some to be more.
  • The fee for an unspayed or unneutered dog must be at least five dollars more than a spayed or neutered dog.

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