My sister Lisa recently adopted a dog from a Western New York pet rescue and has been dealing with a big dog who thinks she's a little dog.  Rosie is a shepherd mix who weighs eighty-five pounds so she's a lot to handle.  She's also only a year and half old so there still a lot of puppy in her.  She is a very sweet mannered dog, but she's clearly never had any sort of training.

Rosie likes to bark, jump and runaway.  She was also a bit destructive when left at home alone and cause some damage to doors and cushions.  What to do?  Call a trainer who can help teach Rosie basic commands and stop her from jumping on everyone including young kids.

Chewed Door framed

Lisa contacted local trainer in North Tonawanda - Kathy Galbraith of K9 Training

Here are some of the sessions with Kathy and Rosie along with my sister's neighbors, who love Rosie and want to be able to visit Lisa without having to endure Rosie's jumping and bad manners.  It looks to go well.  We begin with basic commands like 'come' and 'sit' with a treat reward.



Next session, Rosie learns how to respect who is walking her.  Again, Rosie being rather large needs to understand that her human companion is in charge when it's time for walking.  Stay tuned LOL.

Big thanks to the girls for participating in Rosie's training sessions Keleigh, Jocelyn, Kelly, Kennady, Kacey and of course Kathy from K9- Training!

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