It's not every day that New Yorkers get to see dolphins swimming in their rivers.  But two were captured on video doing just that.

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Normally if you're from New York and you want to see a dolphin, you either have to head down south or out to the coast.  But recently, two were captured on video swimming in the Bronx River.

The video was shared on social media and then reposted by the NYC Parks Department.  It shows two dolphins swimming peacefully in the Bronx River which is near by Starlight Park.

(Google Maps)
(Google Maps)

To get there, the dolphins must have taken the swim up the Long Island Sound to the East River. Then made their way up the Bronx River.  It's not a short swim, and not one that dolphins are known to take very often.  Over the last couple years, you wouldn't find a lot of wildlife in that river due to the pollution.

However, some are calling this "evidence of environmental progress" for the city of New York.  The fact that the river is becoming clean enough that dolphins would make their way up there is a great sign.


Now, you have to ask yourself, if friendly animals are making their way up the river, what else will they find in those waters soon?  It's not uncommon to see bull sharks in freshwater rivers either.  According to the National Wildlife Foundation, they've been found in the Mississippi and Amazon Rivers already.  Will the Bronx river be next?

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