If you live on a rough road or a street that has many potholes, there is good news from Domino's Pizza!

The pizza company has begun an initiative and promotion to fix roads that need repair for there customers. According to Metro Source News:

The chain announced they would be repairing roads with potholes directly affecting their customers.  They've already done work in Texas, Delaware, Georgia and California, but are extending the initiative across the nation.

The pizza chain says the holes, cracks and bumps in the road can cause damage to your pizza, and they're here to help "save your good pizza from these bad roads."

Popular Mechanics reported that:

Domino’s is also asking its customers to vote on which town to repair potholes in next. Customers can submit requests to pave their town’s potholes at Domino’s new pothole-related website.

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There are probably too many streets in our area that could use this service. But I think one of the worst is Main St in the City of Buffalo from the Theater District all the way past Canisuis College.

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