One neighborhood in Buffalo won’t be able to use their own driveway for over a week.

Notices were sent to the affected homes in Western New York, and one was received by Marilla resident, Mindy Fuller Hoeh. 

She shared the notice on the Facebook group, Voices of Marilla.  


It said:

Dear Homeowner, 

Starting on Wednesday 6/8 at 7 A.M. we ask that you please park your vehicles on a side street or in the parking lot at West Ave. We will be pouring concrete gutter and driveway access will not be available for 8 days. 

Yours Truly, 

Union Concrete & Construction Group

The affected homes include those on Bullis Rd. east of where the road is dug up, but it is unclear if residents on Two Rod Rd, near where it intersects Bullis Rd., also received the same notice. 

Eight days is a long time to not be able to park in your driveway, so hopefully the residents got sufficient notice. 

Some residents tried to stock up on groceries before the driveways became blocked off, but it has still proven challenging for some, including one resident who has MS. 

Luckily, neighbors have pitched in and have worked together during this time. 

Hopefully the construction project can be taken care of within 8 days.

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