There have been a lot of high profile drunk driving incidents in the Buffalo area in recent months and it makes me think that Western New Yorkers are not getting the message.

Today alone (May 4th, 2012) on the WGRZ News website their lead stories are revolving around hit and run drunk drivers. []


Dr. Corasanti who is currently on trial for hitting and killing a young woman while he was allegedly driving drunk had his trial temporarily delayed after one of the jurors had to be excused because he had previously been charged with drunk driving.

And now just last night a 14 year old boy riding his bike was struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver who took off after striking the boy.  Thank God A witness followed the driver and pointed him out to police.

And the extreme cases of drunk driving is shocking.  In the past few months we've heard of drivers being arrested for having two, three and even four times the legal limit of blood alcohol content.  4 times, really?  How could this person stand let alone drive a car?

It's time for a reality check Buffalo.

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