Summer may be winding down, but we’ve still got plenty of great concerts coming to Western New York. But most importantly, another important season is quickly coming our way - football season, baby!

It might be a little trickier to tailgate this year at Highmark Stadium thanks to the construction, but that’s not going to stop thousands of Bills fans from breaking out their tents, grills and stereos and setting up shop in the parking lots.

Hardcore tailgate veterans know that it’s never too early to start planning for your tailgate setup this season. Most groups already have their crew assembled for the home opener, but what about their tailgate menu?

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The Best Food To Bring To A Buffalo Bills Tailgate

Ideally, the perfect tailgate for a Bills home game includes a grill. The flame can help keep you warm before those freezing-temperature games, and a good burger or hot dog can give you the sustenance to get you through an intense game.

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Getty Images/Canva

(Don’t forget the condiments!)

You also should have plenty of snacks and munchies that your friends can graze on throughout the day. This could be as basic as a few bags of chips and pretzels - but honestly, yawn. How boring.

It’s always much more fun (and delicious) to make something special for your Bills Mafia group. And if you’re a guest at someone else’s tailgate, it’s a pro move to bring some good food to share. After all, you’re never supposed to show up to a party empty-handed.

Try These Recipes For Your Next Bills Tailgate

Finding the right food to bring to a tailgate can be tricky. You want you and your friends to feast on grub that is portable, easy to assemble, and not messy - but still delicious.

The recipes below fit the bill - and the best part, you can make all of these ahead of time, leaving you more time to kick some butt at beer pong.

Keep scrolling for some easy recipes to have in your back pocket to up your Bills tailgate game.

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