Ed Oliver is a first round draft pick for the Buffalo Bills.  But he can do more than just play football.  Some are calling him the songbird of our generation...

What we haven't seen before now is the skills that he has on the guitar.  The Buffalo Bills put a video up on their Tik Tok page yesterday to show just how good he is.

Can we call him the songbird of our generation?  I'm not too sure.  But I'm going to leave that up to someone else to say to his face.  I'll pass.

Thankfully, he IS pretty dang good at football.  And it looks like he's good at making friends with some of his new teammates too.

The other guy in that video is new free agent acquisition Tim Settle from the Washington Football Team (Commanders).  They did do a pretty good on the spot job with the poem/song "There once was a man named Tim"

It went like this:

There once was a man named Tim.

Who played basketball without a rim

But when it came to bowling...

Tim says, "I missed every pin!"

It's good to see the Bills getting along and having fun before the season starts.  It's a big one for them and they always seem to have so much more success when they're having fun.

Training camp will begin on Sunday for the Bills.  Along with the Raiders, they have the earliest training camp start dates in the NFL.  Rookies had to report on the 18th.  Veterans will make their way to Rochester on Saturday.  That will give them a little less than a month to prepare for their first preseason game on August 13th.

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