There are many amazing things about country music, but the one thing that might top the list of reasons to love this format are the stories and subjects in the songs, that relate to you and what you're going through.

When you can connect to a song on a personal level, you never forget it. That's why country music is the best.

A big country radio hit that touched listeners lives in 2021 was "My Boy" by Elvie Shane.

The debut single climbed the chart, all the way to number one, and tells the story of a stepdad who loves his stepson, regardless of whether or not they're blood-related. Its story reminds you of "He Didn't Have to Be" by Brad Paisley, and sonically, takes you back to early 2000s country music.

The song is the lead off single for Elvie's debut album, Backslider, which was released towards the end of 2021.

The album shows multiple sides of the Kentucky singer-songwriter, and reminds you of older records, which go from one song subject, to another, so seamlessly; like it's a continuation of one cohesive story.

Elvie joined the "Nine O'clock News" on WYRK to talk about his second single, "County Roads," which just hit country radio this week.

"County Roads" shows a different side of Elvie, and pushes boundaries of what you normally hear at radio. It's still country to the core, and shows you that Elvie's style is something different and new for a listener.

Elvie talked about "County Roads" and his album, Backslider, which you can hear below!

Make sure you tune in to the "Nine O'clock News" tomorrow morning at 9 am, to hear "County Roads" on WYRK.

Thanks to Elvie Shane for taking some time out to talk about his new music.

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