Did you know that the New York State DMV does this? This drives me nuts...

Living in New York State, I'm not surprised, but I really can't believe that we live in a state that thinks this is okay. The DMV says that they're not breaking any rules, but Erie County Clerk Christopher Jacobs suggests otherwise.

"When you go to apply for a driver’s license or register your vehicle, the Department of Motor Vehicles, along with processing your application, also takes some of the personal information you provide – and sells to third parties. It's been going on for years, and as recently as 2014 the DMV pulled in 60 million dollars from this long time practice", according to WGRZ.

Sixty million dollars are you serious?! To sell my information to another company?! Are there no standards here in this state?

Where ANYWHERE on the DMV applications does it have any of these options that are in its own law? It states:

The commissioner shall notify each  vehicle  registrant  that  the

  registration  information specified in paragraph (a) of this subdivision

 has been or will be furnished to the contracting party. The commissioner

  shall inform each vehicle registrant when such  registrant  first  makes
application  for  a vehicle registration or when such registrant applies
to renew an existing vehicle registration how to achieve the deletion of
such information from the contracting party's file. The contract between
the commissioner and the contracting party shall provide that, upon  the
request  of the registrant made in such manner and in such form as shall
be prescribed by the commissioner, such registration  information  shall
be  deleted  from the contracting party's file for all purposes, except:
(i) issuance  of  manufacturer's  warranty,  safety  recall  or  similar
notices, or (ii) statistical complications.


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