In case you didn’t know, the NHL held their 2021 Expansion Draft on Wednesday evening, as they welcomed the Seattle Kraken into the league.

Also, for the first time in 17 years there was NHL coverage on ESPN. The network and the league came to an agreement in the spring to carry games and coverage starting in 2021 and ESPN showed the Expansion Draft.

As we all know, the Buffalo Sabres haven’t exactly been a great team lately. Okay, for a while. The Sabres haven’t made the playoffs in a decade and have finished dead-last, multiple times since then, including 2020-2021, which very well could’ve been the worst of them all.

The Seattle Kraken selected Sabres defenseman Will Borgen and ESPN’s Chris Fowler talked a bit about the Sabres before the pick was officially made.

Look away, Sabres fans. It’s brutally honest…

I mean, it made me laugh — and I’M a Sabres fan. Give credit to Dominic Moore (former Sabre) for pointing it out to Fowler just how harsh he was on them during their introduction.

For many people watching ESPN, this was their first time in a long time hearing talk about the Buffalo Sabres and boy oh boy, did it not disappoint.

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To be fair, Fowler also laid into the Toronto Maple Leafs playoff series win drought pretty good too — that drought stands at 17 years.

You know what, we still have the Bills. Thank God for the Bills.

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