You may know him as Swami.  You may know him as Chris Berman.  He's coming to celebrate Buffalo and raise funds and awareness for the BFLO Hall of Fame Experience initiative.

Chris Berman is one of ESPN's most well known broadcasters.  He's always been a supporter of the Buffalo Bills.  He's the one who coined the phrase, "No one circles the wagon, like the Buffalo Bills."  He was on hand at the retirement of Thurman Thomas' number 34 last fall, and this year he's coming back to help out another great Buffalo cause.

This time it's for the BFLO Hall of Fame Experience.


Berman is coming in to host an event and guest sing on stage with the Twang Gang - a group of Buffalo Music Hall of Fame members who play every Tuesday from 6:00-9:00 at The Sportsmen's Tavern.  They often invite people from the audience up to sing or play with them...kind of like karaoke on steroids.  And this time, it's Chris Berman who will be joining them at The Towne Ballroom.

Want in?  Join them Monday night from 6-9pm.

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