I'm going to be completely honest here...this is the lowest point I've ever seen the Buffalo Sabres organization. In fact, I think what Sabres have gone through lately is worse than the height of the Bills' drought (2007-2010).

The Sabres lost (again) on Monday night to the Washington Capitals by a 6-0 score.

It's the sixth time the Sabres have been shutout this season (in just 27 games). In fact, the Sabres have as many wins (6). They're last in the NHL with just 16 points.

It's become very difficult to watch these games, but it might ease fans a bit to know that even the mascot is having a hard time watching these games.

Sabretooth was caught on photo by The Buffalo's News' Lance Lysowski, laying back on what appears to be a couch...and well, let's just say he's seen enough too.

Honestly, I have the exact same body language when watching the Sabres play games this season. I can feel you Sabretooth, I can feel you.

Buffalo is back on the ice in New Jersey on Tuesday to play the Devils at 7 p.m.

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Questions are still being raised about whether head coach Ralph Krueger will be let go during the season, and if a trade is on the horizon by general manager Kevyn Adams. We shall see if either happens in the coming days or weeks.

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