It’s considered the longest road in the world. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it extends from Prudhoe Bay in Northern Alaska down through Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central America and into South America. It ends at Cape Horn in Argentina. It’s known as the Pan-American Highway.

It’s actually a series of interconnected roads and it’s never been officially designated in this country. There are several routes. One of them goes through Denver. There’s another route that goes as far east at Minneapolis before it heads south. As the crow flies it covers 16,000 miles, but when you consider all of the routes it takes it stretches 29,800 miles from North America to South America.

There’s one problem. You can’t drive the entire route. There’s a 100-mile gap through the jungle between Panama and Colombia that was never completed. You have to take a ship to get around it.

The world’s longest straight road – no curves of any kind – is 160 miles long through the desert of Saudi Arabia.

The longest straight road in this country? Supposedly it’s State Highway 46 in North Dakota. It’s stretches 123 miles crossing the Red River Valley. I do see a few little zags along the way, but it includes a 31-mile stretch that’s absolutely straight.

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