The hot summer weather is here this week and it's technically not even summer, yet!

The heat and humidity has been firing up as Western New York has seen temperatures that are flirting with the record books. But if you own a pickup truck and are in need of a place to cool off when the afternoon sun is beating down, this pool from Walmart may be the perfect addition to your 6 foot or 8 foot bed.

Walmart Truck Pool

The days of rolling up to a concert and unloading a tarp and trying to get it to fit properly and hold the water you brought are over. This inflatable pool is not only going to keep the water level up, it is also easy to store and has some cushion between you and the rough and uneven bed of your truck.

The Western New York concert season is just about here ans since the Pandemic seems to be trailing off, at least here in New York, you may want to have a fun and cool way to hang with friends before the show. IF the venue allows for it, this pickup bed pool would be a great thing to add to your corn hole, grill and cooler collection.

There is time to get your pool before this weekend's camping trip and certainly tie to have it ready for that Independence Day bash that you are planning.

Stay hydrated and stay cool this summer and take your tailgate party to the next level!

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