If you've experienced your Facebook account getting hacked, you know it's a pain. You have to change your passwords, and alert your friends to make sure they don't click on any iffy links.

But how did you get hacked to begin with? It was probably that Facebook quiz you just took.

WIVB reports, "Facebook claimed in a lawsuit filed recently that the quizzes were created by two Ukrainian developers and were gaining access to private user data without user knowledge."

Some of the quizzes had titles like "What Animal Are You?," and "What Color Is Your Aura?"

Matthew Tisdal, a senior network engineer for Pivotal IT says, "this malicious malware browser extension is in the background scraping data and giving the information that the hackers want to be able to sell on the black market."

To check to see what apps Facebook sends your information to, log in to your Facebook account and click "Apps and Websites" under settings.

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