The summer heat and humidity are cranking around the United States and here in New York State. As some parts of the country are seeing triple digit temps for the last few weeks, some are hoping fall arrives soon! But if you love fall flavored beers, there is some good news.

The overnight low temperature in the Western New York area dipped in to the 50's this week. It sure was refreshing and felt like an early fall morning on Wedneday.

But the cool, crisp air of fall is still a few weeks away and, typically, the month of August has been the hottest for New York State.

However, if you can't wait for football season, hoodies and all things pumpkin spice, there are some beers you can buy in just a few days that will give you a taste of fall.

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Starting on August 1, if you’re browsing for beer, you’ll see some orange labels beginning to infiltrate store shelves—yes, a few mass-market brands are getting a head start on fall colors already.

There are some retailers that were already promoting the fall brews at the start of July!

Here in Western New York, we are less than 50 days away from back-to-school. However, it is football season that we are really looking forward to! No matter the beer you prefer or what the temperature might be, once football kicks off, fall is here!

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