I love a good Italian sausage. If it's a really good one, you don't even need anything on it (onions, peppers and mustard are heavenly, though).

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No better Italian sausage in Buffalo than Mineo & Sapio. The eatery located on Connecticut street in the city of Buffalo is celebrating their 100-year anniversary in 2020 and to celebrate it, they're offering an incredible deal.

According to their Facebook page, Mineo & Sapio will be offering $1 Italian sausages to the first 100 customers that visits their Eat Streets food truck at Flying Bison Brewing Company this Friday, starting at 4 pm.

Since the special is only for the first 100 customers, safe to say it's best to get there as early as possible.

Mineo & Sapio's main location is on Connecticut street and has been serving up sausages for 100 years for devoted Buffalo customers. You can also find them in retail stores, as well as online, so you can have the sausages wherever you are.

This deal is pretty amazing. $1 Italian sausages is exactly the kind of deal I love.

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