Fans haven't really been able to go to a Buffalo Sabres game since before the COVID-19 pandemic started back in March of 2020. Since the season began at the start of 2021, the Sabres have been playing in front of no fans at the KeyBank Center.

However, fans were able to attend the Saturday game against the New York Rangers. The Sabres won (which they haven't done much lately), 3-2 in a shootout. It's actually the Sabres second win in three games, after not winning in 17-straight games.

The current New York State COVID-19 restrictions allow for the KeyBank Center to have a capacity limit of 1,900 people (10 percent). One would think with fans not being able to attend games the last calendar year, getting to that threshold would be wasn't.

According to WIVB, they were told by the Sabres that just 302 people attended the game on Saturday. That's roughly 1.5 percent of the total arena's capacity.

It's not clear why the attendance was that low, but it's safe to assume that the added COVID-19 testing, health concerns, and lack of team success were reasons that just over 300 fans showed up for the game.

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The Sabres next play at home against the New Jersey Devils on Thursday at 7 p.m. They play in New Jersey before that, however, on Tuesday at the same time.

I've been itching to go to a game and while I knew the attendance would be low for games right now, all things considered; that number is really low...

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