I remember the first time I walked into the Fattey Beer Company in Hamburg.  The place was really cool!  And now there are two more coming to Western New York.

If you haven't ever seen a Fattey Beer Co. store, it's something you might want to check out.  If you're a beer fan, they've got all kinds of beers.  While they have a few on tap, many of them are in cans that you can try in-store, or you can bag them up to take home for later.

If you're looking for a new beer to fall in love with, you just might find it at Fattey Beer Company.  And the coolest part is that you can either try it right there with a bunch of other beer lovers or, you can bag it up and take it home to try it later.  To make it even better, you can bring your best friend if they're friendly.  Yes, of course, I'm talking about your dog.  Who else would I be talking about?  They are a dog-friendly establishment.

But...if you have a human best friend that loves beer, you can bring them too.  There will be two new locations to check out soon according to Step Out Buffalo.  They're expanding to the north towns in North Tonawanda’s Wurlitzer Building at 908 Niagara Falls Blvd and even further south in Ellicottville at 6696 US-219.

You can add a taco joint to their new establishments too.  They're going to open a taco restaurant in Orchard Park called Flaco Taco Co.  They'll have fresh tacos, burritos, bowls, puffy tacos, salsas, quesadillas, margaritas, exotic beers, and even what they call "a destination patio."



Here's the best part - we won't have to wait long for any of these locations to open.

They're expecting Flaco Taco Co to be open in late spring, and the new Fattey Beer Co. stores to be open by early summer this year!


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