The Holidays are here!  For some, it's an opportunity to load up on the rum balls, egg nog, and holiday cocktails.  Ok...I'm in that group too.  But how nice would it be to have a little relief from the next morning's holiday hangover?  Our prayers just may have been answered as the FDA has recently approved a hangover remedy.

It's called Blowfish and it's an over the counter drug that's meant to alleviate the symptoms of your average hangover.  It's a morning after "effervescent remedy" (like alka-seltzer) that contains 1000 mg of aspirin (a maximum strength dose) and 120 mg of caffeine (about as much as a cup of coffee).

If you've ever said, "I'll do anything to get rid of this hangover,"  This might be something you should try.  Of course, I'm no doctor.  I have no idea how good it is for you.  I do know that hangovers, however, are not good and the FDA seems to think that the ingredients are effective.

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