Here's a diet that some say is the best way to lower cholesterol. The old saying still works. "Everything in moderation." But don't let that squash the fact that you can still enjoy a new diet plan.

How about a cold glass (or two) of beer? That's right, we were talking about ways to lower cholesterol and I remembered that an old friend of mine who is well in to his 80s, mentioned he drinks a beer or two daily and his cholesterol has never been better!

The study from adds some validity to that! sometimes garners a bad reputation due to its alcohol content, it also contains a few surprisingly healthy ingredients. Barley, one such ingredient that is used to make beer, contains polyphenols, which have been linked to lowering cholesterol levels and promoting heart health. There are also some studies suggesting that alcoholic beverages such as beer may also be able to improve heart health in modest amounts.


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