First it was Dorsey, now it’s McDermott: Bills fans want him out...and it may just happen.

While he has been credited for transforming a losing team into a contender, Coach Sean McDermott has been experiencing some incredible backlash for many different reasons. 

Some Bills fans will say he has too much on his plate, dually serving the duties as the head coach and the defensive coordinator. Others will express their frustrations in his inability to capitalize when games are close. 

Recently, a reporter Ty Dunne published a three-part news story called “The McDermott Problem,” breaking down the different issues that the Buffalo Bills have faced with McDermott as their leader. 

Admittedly, the article is written like a bit of a hit piece; however, it does not diminish the concerns in regards to the team. 

Perhaps the most troubling piece of information that Dunne writes about is the 2019 “9/11 speech,” as he called it. 

McDermott elaborated on those details in a press briefing on Thursday.

“My intent in the meeting that day was to discuss the importance of communication and being on the same page with the team,” McDermott said. “I regretted mentioning 9/11 in my message that day, and I immediately apologized to the team. Not only was 9/11 a horrific event in our country’s history, but a day that I lost a good family friend.”

While those comments are extremely insensitive, given what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, McDermott still has a chance to lead the Buffalo Bills to the Playoffs this year. 

Many people have been calling for McDermott to be fired – and it honestly may happen if he doesn’t secure the win this weekend. 

Just like Ken Dorsey getting fired following the loss to the Denver Broncos, there were a lot of Bills fans who came to Dorsey’s defense, saying that the 12th man on the field was not in Dorsey’s control. Even people that initially called for Dorsey's firing stated that it wasn't his fault we lost the Denver game. 

The Buffalo Bills are the drama of the NFL, and while we have our typical stir ups every season, admittedly this year has been a little extreme. 

From the injuries to Diggs’ brother Trevon saying he needs to “get up outta there,” a warrant being issued for the arrest of Von Miller, Dorsey getting fired, and McDermott making comments about 9/11, you have to wonder "What is going on??"

Similar to the response the Bills management had after our loss to Denver, I can totally see them making a change to the head coach position if we lose to Kansas City.

While the 9/11 comments were difficult to recap, it really looked like Coach McDermott had remorse about the comments he made that day to the team. 

Regardless of why you want McDermott replaced, and I’m sure you have your own reasons, I think we will have a better idea of what’s next following our game this weekend.

As always, Go Bills

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