It was introduced in 1908 and for the first time it provided a reliable and affordable car for the average American.  It was Henry Ford’s model T – nicknamed the tin lizzie.  It came in any color you’d like as long as the color was black and it completely changed the auto industry.  Up to that point, cars were just a rich person’s toy.  But at a cost of $850 – it was something that people could afford. 

It seated two people and over the years it didn’t change all that much.  Electric lights were introduced in 1915.  An electric starter came along in 1919.  And because Ford’s assembly line was so efficient, the cost came down too to as low as $290 in 1924.  But because in the 20 years they were made, there were hardly any styling changes, interest tapered off and Ford was forced to retire the tin lizzie in 1927.

It was on this date August 8th, 1908, the first model T rolled off the assembly line in Detroit.