October is officially in the rear-view mirror, as we now head into the cold weather and holiday season.

The time between Halloween and Thanksgiving can get a little blurry; is it the holiday season yet? The time for taking vacation off from work gets closer as well. One other thing that November is known for is the first arrival of accumulating snow.

Flakes can fly in October but generally speaking, November is when meaningful snow arrives for those in New York State.

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Flakes flew for many on Halloween and that will continue for Wednesday and Thursday, but meteorologists are keeping a close eye on what us brewing for next Tuesday. It could mean lots of cold rain or a big snowstorm.

GFS and Euro projection maps are both saying that a huge weather system will arrive on Tuesday, November 6th. However, the GFS sides mostly heavy rain, while the Euro says significant snow is on the way for those in Western and Central New York.

As for totals, too far out to know for sure, but Direct Weather says that is it us snow, totals should be anywhere between a dusting to 6-8 inches. The map is trying to pain over a foot of snow in spots, which might be overly generous.

There is a system on the way next week; we just don’t know if it’s rain or snow. It could be the first time residents are forced to grab their shovels and ice-scrappers.

The temperatures will remain cold. After a slight uptick into the low 50’s this weekend, we’re back into the 30’s and 40’s by next week.

Hopefully, we don’t get a big snowstorm but it is possible.

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