This morning I was explaining on the air how I live in a super old house and having all 4 people who live in the house has been a nightmare for the plumbing situation. We didn't even really know we had a plumbing situation until everyone was home....going to the bathroom. All. Day. Long.

Apparently, there was a broken trap because the house was so old, so we have to take care of that (which is going to be a nightmare, but that's besides the point), but it's certainly going to get better once everyone starts going back to work.

When you do, though, there are a few things you might want to remember. Buffalo City Mayor Byron Brown pointed out this morning that when you return to work make sure you flush your lines first. Keep the water running for a bit in the sinks and let the coffee machine filter through a time or two before you put coffee in it.

As we begin to look forward to going back to work and opening up phase 1, if you think you are sick or gearing up to go back to work, officials are urging you to go get COVID tested. It's much easier to do than 7 weeks ago. In fact, there are

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more tests available than the people willing to go get tested, which would help indicated the spread and/or decline of the virus.

You can find out by simply googling “COVID-19 testing near me”. Currently, there is no site from the State that explains where to go.

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