Where have I been? I am so ashamed. Apparently it was announced last October, but I didn't know about it until I saw the commercial for it the other night on TV. Toilet paper is going TUBELESS!

Kimberly Clark, one of the world's largest producers of household paper products, is testing Scott Naturals Tube-Free toilet paper at select stores throughout the northeast United States. If sales go well, they may introduce the line nationally and world-wide and may even consider using the technology to make "tube free " paper towels.

Of course I know you're worried.  Will the "not so round" hole fit over the standard toilet paper spindle? The answer thankfully, is yes...AND the other news is even the last piece of toilet paper is usable since there is no glue attaching it to a cardboard roll. (Did anyone ever really use the last piece? Now, NO WASTE...WOW!)

In all seriousness this is a "go green" effort.  I do applaud that. The 17 billion toilet paper tubes that are produced annually in this country account for 160 million pounds of trash according to Kimberly-Clark estimates. That means if you were to stretch out all those tubes that would be more than a million miles placed end-to-end. That's from here to the moon and back twice. Of course this means no more placing the tube up to your eye saying, "I see you". 

Now only one question remains. Installation? OVER or UNDER?

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