You encounter these things all the time.  But did you ever think just how dirty and germy they are?  A unit of the Kimberly Clark Corporation did a study of the germiest places your hands touch every day and it turns out gas pumps are the germiest of them all.   

They sent out a team of hygienists to check out everyday places in six cities around the country.  Maybe some things you never even thought of.  And the dirtiest, germiest place was gas pump handles – just crawling with microscopic bugs.

Coming in number two on the list – handles on public mailboxes.

Those two claim the top two spots likely because nobody ever cleans them.  Did you ever see anybody ever clean the gas pump handle or the handle on the mailbox?  Maybe somewhere they do – I’ve never seen it.

Also on the list

  •  escalator rails
  • the buttons on ATM bank machines
  • parking meters and kiosks
  • crosswalk buttons
  • buttons on vending machines in shopping malls.

That’s why it’s so important to wash your hands often – especially when you’re at work or come home.

And especially after you’ve filled up your gas tank.  A lot of gas stations now have antibacterial sprays or wipes near the gas pumps.  Use ‘em.

SOURCE: Kimberly Clark Corp.