It's possible that Fisher-Price struck a gold mine when they released the Buffalo Bills Little people collection.  Now, they're going after boy band fans.

Fisher-Price has been making "Little People" for years

According to the Strong National Museum of Play (also the home of the National Toy Hall of Fame), "Little People" have been sold by Fisher-Price since 1959.  Although, they used to look a lot different and they used to be made of wood.  You may remember the little figures with spherical heads and their bodies that would sit like pegs in cars.

They have sold over 2 billion "Little People" since then.  They've made a bunch of changes over the years like making them plastic, making them wider and more squatty, then eventually even giving them legs.  But they've always been loved by kids.

Fisher-Price releases Buffalo Bills "Little People" and real people lose their minds

When Fisher-Price released a specialty set of "Little People" with a Buffalo Bills theme, they sold out almost immediately.  People were buying them up and selling them for a bunch more online just to make a buck.

They were so popular that they have since come out with two more Bills commemorative sets and have now expanded to the rest of the NFL.

Fisher-Price is moving from the football field to the stage with their latest set

If you're a huge fan of boy bands, you might want to check their new set out.  It's a commemorative set of N'SYNC "Little People."

The set includes 5 figurines of Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone and Lance Bass all in the "Little People" theme.  The entire set is only $29.99 and can be purchased on Amazon.



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