It’s a rare opportunity for kids around Western New York, and now parents are able to cash in on the fun. 

Over the weekend, several dozen children showed up at Gigi’s Playhouse in Buffalo with the goal to play, play, and play some more. 

The event was in coordination with Fisher Price, who was holding a casting call for children, perfect for those kids who want to play as much as possible (which is most kids).

Any kid five or under has an opportunity to test toys before they hit the shelves – a toy tester, if you will – and they even have a chance to see their face on the packaging!

Sometimes, Fisher Price will give you an opportunity to see your face on some of the toy packaging, and it really puts your kid in the spotlight. 

This is cool too…parents get a chance to be toy testers as well!

If you think about it, it makes sense why. As parents, it would be nice to know what your kid is getting into before they do. It’s also helpful to know how a kid operates and if it is safe for your child. 

Fisher Price is also working on making toys more accessible for kids of all backgrounds and abilities, which shows you the values of Fisher Price. 

You may remember…back in June, there was a woman named Niki who emailed Fisher Price about her son, who has brown skin and red hair (which is pretty rare). She wanted to find her son Archer a toy that looked like him and made him feel seen. 

Fisher Price gladly helped Niki surprise her son for his 5th birthday. 

If you want to be a toy tester and find out other ways to get involved with Fisher Price, you can find that information here.  

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