You have probably seen the latest water sport trend of people standing up on things that look like surfboards and paddling around. It's actually called Stand Up Paddling or "SUP" and it's not just for the beach goers or vacationers. Even though people can do impressive things like ride waves or even rapids sometimes people just use them fro trolling around a lake or bay. And, right down the 219 in Ellicottville there is a shop where you can get them for those activities. However, when you think Ellicottville you probably think the slopes and hiking the trails and maybe even some fishing, but SUP in Ellicottville? Yes! Think fishing!

SUP on the fly, is a cool shop that combines Fly Fishing and SUP! Can you imagine doing both?! What a brilliant idea, these boards can allow you access to places where a boat or your feet can't!  And one can only imagine the atmosphere and views as you slowly make your way around WNY fishing! Imagine peacefully making your way to your favorite fishing spot and then bonus, having a place to put all the stuff you need too! It might be able to take your fishing or fly fishing game to a whole new level! With people always looking to innovate a sport or way of doing something, this seems like a great innovation.

SUPs aren't just used for fishing and apparently they can even be inflatable so they're easy to store and travel!  These can be used year round but obviously you would want to take precautions in the winter and know what you're doing before you just hop on!

Ellicottville is the perfect distance from Buffalo and they offer so much year round. From Holiday Valley to the Ellicottville Brewing Company and the shops in downtown to the trails! It is such a beautiful area that offers so much!

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