It's almost the weekend and for the second straight week, the warmer weather has decided to show up for Thursday and Friday. If we can just continue that timing, that would be amazing.

It's also 4/20 day and if you haven't noticed, some local stores and restaurants are getting in on the fun.

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One popular brewery and restaurant in downtown Buffalo has been revealing new wing flavors every Thursday. It's part of their "innovation Thursday" campaign, which is to reveal new wing flavors and drinks every week.

Last week's was maple bacon wings and this week, Big Ditch Brewing Company revealed their most amazing creation yet.

Flamin' Hot Cheetos wings.

The only catch is these wings are only going to be sold today. The same goes for their Dazeburner IPA, which is inspired by 4/20.

I would absolutely try Flamin' Hot Cheetos wings. The flavor has become a cult classic for foodies all around the country and to have it now be a wing flavor, by one of the best breweries and restaurants in Buffalo, is amazing.

The mild, medium and hot wings are the gold standard but let's be honest, they can be boring and redundant after a while. It's perfectly okay to try different wing flavors, like the Cajun honey-butter BBQ from Bar-Bill Tavern, the double-dipped honey mustard from Elmos or the Crown Royal BBQ from Amherst Pizza & Ale House.

Buffalo has become more receptive of the exotic wing flavors in recent years and these wings look amazing. It's only for today, however.

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