Don't let the good weather fool you, the flu is still running rampant across New York State and there is one area that is seeing a big number of cases.

We can't complain about the weather this winter. In fact, the month of February was one of the warmest on record and now that March is here, spring seems to be popping up everywhere. The allergy season is here and the pollen is flying. Is that sniffle a allergic reaction or do you have the flu?

The recent flu tracker here in New York State indicates a big surge in cases.

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After last week, according to the New York State DOH, SUFFOLK, WESTCHESTER and ERIE Counties had big number of reported flu cases. With Suffolk seeing 1704 cases.

Outside of the New York City region, Erie County had 531 cases of the flu last week.

I have started to take my allergy medication. It seems early in the year, but the grass is growing, trees and flowers are starting to bloom and it has been dry. The pollen and dust of the early spring are already making me sneeze. It seems that the earlier I start a daily allergy med, the better prepared I am for pollen season.

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