There are two words that will grab the attention of just about anyone who can read it; free food. Starting soon, there is one popular food that is about to be free every week.

There is no question that some french fries are better than others and there is one that is the elite. For decades, McDonald's has had the best french fries going. Is it the salt? Is it the fry itself? Is it the salty and greasy combination? Yes!

There is word that you can get free fries every Friday at McDonald's.

McDonald's announces "Free Fries Friday" 🍟

Customers will be able to get free fries on Friday until December 31, 2023.

To access the promo, visitors need to have the McDonald’s app and spend $1 USD and must be opted into the “Rewards” program.

Halloween is now just a few days away and McDonald's is giving away the popular "Boo Buckets" at various locations. These are probably the best Happy Meal item of all time. Not only are they great for carrying the kids food, they are reusable for hundreds of different things. From the backyard pool to the beach to storing nuts and bolts in dad's garage, the Boo Bucket is back for a limited time!

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