The weather is borderline summer-like in New York State this week. Temperatures on Wednesday reached 70 degrees and that warmth continued on Thursday and should again on Friday.

If you enjoy the warmer temperatures, definitely plan on getting outdoors the next 24 hours because this all turns for the worse by the time we reach this upcoming Monday.

A cold front whips through this weekend, with even colder air by Monday and Tuesday for all of New York and the northeast. For parents, the timing couldn't be worse, with Halloween trick-or-treating on Tuesday evening.

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Those who have kept up to date on TV and social media may have seen reports of potential snowfall for next week. It's looking more and more like that is the case, however, we do not yet know the severity (if any) the potential snow has.

High temperatures will be in the low-to-mid 40's by Halloween and into November 1st. As of now, it looks like any snow may hold off until the morning of November 1st, although there is a drastic difference between the European and GFS weather models for what might happen.

The Euro model is painting a more snowy and wet weather event, which will bring snow, rain and mixed precipitation to the state on November 1st. The GFS model forecasts a dusting to minimal accumulation for parts of the southern tier and upstate New York.

Direct Weather looked at a low potential outcome that is not pleasant. It shows parts of New York (upstate) receiving anywhere from 6-12 inches of snow; even more in some parts. It comes seven minutes into the video.

The Weather Channel is forecasting a few inches of snow for Lake Placid, NY on Wednesday, November 1st.

We know the snow potential is there but we are still a couple days away from knowing details and exact (potential) totals for next Tuesday and Wednesday.

We might go straight into winter weather after we're done trick-or-treating.

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