The next time you test drive a car or truck in Canada or here in New York State, you will notice a few new additions to the technology of the car. You may also notice that a few things are missing. There is a group of people who are upset about a recent announcement by the Ford Motor Company based in Canada.

Raise your hand if you are old enough to remember a vehicle having a cassette player or CD player in it. Some may recall the days of the 8-track players in vehicles. There are few things better than listening to your favorite song or show while you drive. As new cars are being built, there is yet another audio change coming.

It was reported this week that Ford will not put AM radio receivers in their cars that are being made in Canada.

This has upset some and a petition has been started aimed at stopping this from happening.

If you want to help keep free, local radio in cars, now is the time to act! Take action today and tell your legislators why you depend on AM radio. Your voice matters!

Being a radio nerd, this was tough news to swallow. While I understand that many of the new generation of drivers have no clue what an AM radio is, I also know how important the AM signal is to get important information out. The heart and soul of radio in America has always been AM radio and the stars that made it. Here in Buffalo, New York radio legends were made on the waves of the AM band.

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